Our company provides services for the selection of land plots on the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Our work includes not only the selection of the land within the customer's budget, as well we organize the viewing and checking the documents for each specific plot of land.

The basic unit of measurement of land in Thailand is "RAI" (1 Rai = 1600 m / sq). On average, for the construction of villas with three or four bedrooms, private grounds, swimming pool and garden area is sufficient to 800m / sq m (corresponding to half of RAI).

The average value of marketable land overlooking the sea, roads and communications in the central area of the island begins from $ 150,000 per 800m2, while in remote from the center areas we can find a ready-to-build plots from $ 50,000 per 800m2.


It should be remembered that not every plot of land in Thailand is suitable for the construction and has the proper documentation, namely «Chanote» - cadastral passport to Thai law. This document gives the owner the right to build on a particular site, designated GPS points specified in the document. At the time, both on agricultural land, having the status "Taboha", construction and felling of the landings are illegal. When choosing a land also should take into account its level of elevation above sea level, the presence of government roads, communications and many other factors well known to professional developers on the islands.


We have extensive experience in this industry and can advise you in more detail, send a detailed letter - offer e-mail, to communicate personally, as well as to organize a trip to the island.

Legal support

Many people mistakenly believe that to become the owner of the land in Thailand is impossible. It is widely believed that the only possible long-term leases without ownership.

In fact, the ownership of land is governed by the Land Code of 1954, the Civil Code, Land Reform for Agriculture Act of 1975 and a number of decrees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Within the framework of the adopted laws, any inostranets can become the owner of the land only if it has a registered Thai company with a Thai shareholders.

The process of registration of the company is quite simple and doesn't require much effort from the customer. Our experienced lawyers in Koh Samui for many years engaged in the opening and accounting of companies, as well as control of all steps of the transactions customers from Russia, Germany, France and other countries. In your own Thai company you officially become the sole managing director, having the right of signature, and disposition of property on its balance sheet. The system is very reliable and has a double insurance carrier.

In more detail, we can consult you remotely, and to arrange a meeting with a lawyer when visiting the island.

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